Most Illicit Drugs Present In The United States


The popular culture among the youth is smoking pot and getting high on a regular basis. Are you a pot smoker? If yes, you must be thinking it is completely harmless and instead improves your health. Well, it is not exactly the case. Read and know the harmful impacts of marijuana on your health.

Short Term Impact

Marijuana has the potential to stimulate the parts of brains which are the most sensitive. After smoking weed, you think you are meditating and in a realized state of mind. It is not generally the relaxed state. It is a very dangerous state.

The following are the potential short-term threats of smoking marijuana:

  • changed sense of mood

  • distortion in memory

  • extreme hallucinations

  • problems to think clearly

Long-Term Impact

That's not it. There are several long-term impacts of marijuana as well. The essential brain development gets critically affected. You must be wondering you are healthy and the same health condition is experienced by your friends.

Yes, each pot smoker appears healthy from outside. The inside is dark. The most detrimental impact is received by the brain. General knowledge of such addicts is often very low.

Breathing difficulties!

Run and you will find out how healthy your heart is. The instant increase in the heart rate is the primary side effect of smoking marijuana. For three hours, your heartbeat will be at elevated levels after smoking.

Mental Threats

There is a long list of side effects of marijuana. Have a look at the following and compare yourself to these symptoms:

  • temporary paranoia

  • temporary hallucinations

  • worse conditions of patients with schizophrenia

So, do you have anything in common with these mental complexities? Add depression and anxiety in the list also. Now then!

Smoking pot creates these issues and the smokers are rarely aware of these conditions.

What they think is similar to living in a fool's paradise.

Is it Worth Quitting?

How simple the questions sound? It is certainly not worth as per the addicted pot smokers.

Marijuana is the pioneer drug that opens gateways to other dangerous drugs.


You will restrict yourself. If you really can, leave marijuana and restrict yourself to a cigarette. It will make you realize the will power and self-control you possess.

The Lame Excuse

Every smoker claims to quit. When someone forces him to quit now, he responds now is not the time. I'll leave when the time comes. Unfortunately, time neither comes nor waits for anyone.

Now is the right time to do it. Think about the future, the family, life! Do not allow marijuana to control and shapes your emotions. The persons with weakest emotions rely on marijuana to relieve themselves. There are several other alternatives to cure them apart of smoking marijuana.

All these lines must sound tempting to you and encourage quitting marijuana once and for all.

Step up, what is restricting you. Addiction! Don't worry. You may have become similar to the child who cries write my essay but never writes on own. Emotional assistance and motivation are necessary to quit any sorts of emotions.

The Secret: You!

You, yes you are the secret!

Only you have the potential to quit and none can prevent you. To seek motivation, your willpower knocks now and then. Welcome it and make a strong commitment to throw the marijuana out of your room. Believe me! Several addicts have successfully quit just by the power of their willpower.

Gear up!

You have that willpower. Search for it and quit relying on marijuana and be yourself.

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